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We. Are. You.
Shred Media is the only multimedia, daily diary of the mortgage industry. Why? Because we chronicle the events impacting all of our daily lives. We aren’t watching from a distance, we are in the trenches with you. We will bring you the latest marketing initiatives to deliver better results and send you the latest daily and breaking news alerts on what’s going down, right now, in our mortgage industry. We break through the noise. And we want to tell you one thing: We are here for you because we are you. That’s what Shred Media is all about. Show Up. Hustle. Repeat. Every Day.

Our Story

||||| This Is Why We Do What We Do

“Working with Josh/Shred Media has been an incredible opportunity for Optimal Blue! He goes far beyond simply producing audio, he’s an influential brand in the mortgage space and known for covering timely topics and always keeping things interesting.”

~ Samantha Tyriver-MacKendrick, Corporate Marketing Manager

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