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Detroit Red Wings, Zoom cat; Zillow; RIP Kelly Ann Purcell ◼️

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Correction: United Wholesale reps Detroit Red Wings; Zoom cat mishap

Let’s open with a Rise&Shred “oopsie” moment. 

Yesterday we were talking about Flagstar being a top VA lender when we ran an old photo to accompany the announcement. Well, that photo indicated that Flagstar was partnered with the Detroit Red Wings. And, that’s a big, fat NOPE. United Wholesale Mortgage now serves as the official mortgage provider for the Red Wings and Little Caesars Arena, and will for some time. Forehead, meet facepalm. Commence slap. Sorry about that, UWM.

Speaking of mishaps, Rise&Shred has covered the fair share of Zoom doozies happening during the pandemic. Earlier this week it was the Worst Zoom Call ever, and today it’s the Worst Zoom Court Appearance ever.

A Texas lawyer accidentally left a kitten filter on during a video conference call with a judge and was unable to change it, eventually responding to a judge’s query about why he was being addressed by a digital feline by saying: “I’m here live. I am not a cat.”

…. Which he said…. While as a cat.

To which Judge Roy Ferguson of Texas’s 394th judicial district responds: “I can hear you. I think it’s a filter …”

“It is,” the cat-faced lawyer Rod Ponton responds. “And I don’t know how to remove it. I’ve got my assistant here, she’s trying to, but I’m prepared to go forward with it … I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”

The lawyer later explained his kids were using his Zoom and left the settings on. And the good news is, Judge Ferguson said lawyer Ponton still had 8 mistakes remaining. Good stuff!

🤣 MEME of the day by The Broke Agent 🤣

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Zillow gets the SNL treatment

“Are you bored?” 

“Looking for something to spice up your life?”

These are the questions posed by Saturday Night Live actors in their recent spoof advertisement for Zillow’s services.

This sultry YouTube clip opens more like a video that would normally promote dating opportunities for lonely singles. However, it satirically turns into an ad for the online real estate listing service mega-site.

“You used to want sex, but you’re in your late 30s now…” the ad continues.

“You need… Zillow, Zillow,,” to which the live audience erupts with laughter.

It gets better, as the spoof goes deeper.

“Our listings are just standing by, waiting for you to browse them,” says one actress, looking seductively into the camera. 

Ok, we’re going to stop there because we don’t want to spoil the rest. Also, it’s early in the morning and the video is definitely NSFW. So you may want to watch it later, alone, or as the SNL/Zillow ad suggests: “go wild, and invite your partner.” 

🔥 Honoring The Veteran Community 🔥 

With Josh Pitts, Bryan Bergjans, & Jeff Wilson

LinkedIn tributes pour in honoring mortgage eSignature pioneer

Kelly Ann Purcell left a tremendous impact on the mortgage industry.

Austin Kilgore, former editor in chief of National Mortgage News put it best on his LinkedIn: “Kelly, Nancy and Jonathan helped lay the foundation for the digital success the mortgage industry now enjoys. And Kelly and Nancy in particular have long been exemplary role models for many of the women executives who continue to do amazing things in this business.”

The family of Kelly Ann Purcell announced her passing on February 6, 2021 at the age of 58. She died after a short illness at Banner University Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Kelly was a pioneer in the digital signature business and tech world. Along with two partners, they launched their own digital e-sign company, which concentrated on the mortgage industry,” the obituary states.

“One only hopes when we leave this earth that we leave a legacy at least half as good as she did,” said Tim Anderson, SVP of Digital Strategy at Mortgage Connect.

Rest in Peace, Kelly. We’ll miss you.

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