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Mortgage Innovators: Interview with Scott Harris of SocialSurvey

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During the California MBA Mortgage Innovators Conference, we had the opportunity to interview Scott Harris, Founder & CEO of SocialSurvey to talk about mortgage innovation, the conference and what he is excited about with SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey is not just in the review business. They bring you a fully automated experience management platform that has proven to be a game-changer for many professionals using their solution. SocialSurvey focuses on creating value by giving you the true voice of your customer and then helping you get the word out. They are present in many industries such as Mortgage, Real Estate, Insurance, and more.  Scott's focus is making sure his customers have 100% adoption to get ultimate value as opposed to just being satisfied with growing his customer base. 

Watch the full interview below and a summary of the highlights.

Among other things, Scott touches on a few subjects that stand out:

  1. More than just a vendor, a partner.
  2. Don't just set it and forget it
  3. Buyers today are different than the buyers from yesterday
  4. Create WOW Summit 

The tools that you use in your business can make a significant difference when it comes to the number of deals that you can close. SocialSurvey is interested in not only having you using their primary tools but also in having you take full advantage of all of their products. An example of that is using their review tool. Having your clients give you an online review puts you on the map and will continue to bring you more business long after you closed the deal with that one client. 

As automated as a service can be, you cannot set it and forget it. Following up with the system that you have put in place is crucial to learn how to continue to improve your business. When you don't reply to reviews, you are losing an opportunity to enhance your SEO.

To stand out and make a difference, you can't just set these tools on autopilot. It's essential to follow up on them consistently for two reasons. (1) make sure you're not letting deals fall through the cracks. (2) continue to learn and grow so you can be ahead of your competition. 

The fact is that buyers today are different than buyers from yesterday.  Your social media presence can be the deciding factor on whether or not you get a deal. Today, 92% of buyers start their home search online. What does that mean for us as industry professionals? We have to manage the voice of our customers because if we don't, your dissatisfied customers will be more than happy to do it for you. This is why Social Proof is so important because customers are relying on the experiences of others before making purchase decisions. We make sure wherever people find you, they find the best of you. Reviews are the way to harness that organic value to your business. 

The Create WOW Summit happening on September 4th – 6th in San Ramon, CA is a marketing and culture conference for executive and marketing professionals. This is a very interactive conference that is all about building technology together. In this conference, you will learn from the top professionals how to win locally and how to make sure you are leaving your mark on the social media world. Shred Media is proud to be a sponsor of this summit along with having Shred Founder Josh Pitts and Shred's CCO Jason Frazier as featured speakers. The summit is coming up quick so if you want to join us make sure to follow the link below to save your spot. 

CreateWOW Summit

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