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Do You Have a VISION of the Perfect Summit?

By August 22, 2019 August 24th, 2019 No Comments

Ever attend a meeting to interact with leaders of your industry only to find the event too big and too crowded and you barely catch a glimpse?

I know I have and it sucks. Some of the best content and knowledge comes from the offline discussions. Even further most industry conferences these days seem to just a rehash and update from the previous one. This is why I am so excited to be attending Christine Beckwith's Vision Summit in Tampa FL in September. Even better is that I am honored to be speaking at the event along with my Shred Media partner Josh Pitts.

Vision Summit offers a better way mastermind. In an intimate, relaxing retreat-style event, pivotal industry icons will be present and close enough to take some selfies! The power packed lineup of speakers and VIPs attending will deliver learning you won’t find anywhere else. But instead of listening to me drone on about this event, why don't we go straight to the big dogs to hear what they have to say.

First up we have a great friend and mentor of mine, who happens to be an industry icon and founder of MBS Highway, Barry Habib

Next up we have one of my personal favorites in the industry, Laura Brandao who is the President of AFR Wholesale. Let's see what she is excited about.

We are all excited about having Kristin Messerli, Editor of Mortgage Women Magazine join in on the fun.

It wouldn't be a mastermind without Kelsey Rauchut, National Business Development Manager of AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

Culture Matters! Which is why we have Jay Doran talking about why he is excited to attend.

Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire knows a thing or two about great industry conferences. Let's here what he has to say.

Todd Bookspan of Win By Noon fame is excited to join the team at the vision summit.

Next up we have my partner in crime and founder of Shred Media, Josh Pitts with a special message.

The Mortgage Marketing Expert and VP of Development for Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Phil Treadwell has arrived!

Positive sales coach and founder of 90 Day Sales, Bruce Lund talks about being the MC of the event.

Next up with have Fobby Naghmi, SVP of Planet Home Lending putting in some serious work to get ready.

What does national speaker and CEO of Kinetic Spark Consulting, Jen Du Plessis have to say about speaking at the vision summit? Listen below!

And last but certainly not least, we have the founder of the Vision Summit, founder of the 20/20 Vision For Success Coaching, and the co-host of the Mortgage X Podcast, Christine Beckwith coming in hot letting you know why this is a can't miss event!

You know what is crazy? This isn't even close to highlighting all the amazing speakers and attendees who will be at the Vision Summit. If you are planning for 2020, and you really should be, then you will not want to miss being able to learn from some of the best in the industry. This is an elite event where you will be immersed into the event as a participant and not just an attendee. There is no way you will not take something awesome away from this event.

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