RealTalk: Quicken Isn’t Stupid

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Here is a dose of RealTalk as it relates to Quicken.

In what should be no surprise to most I like to take digs at Big Q whenever I get the chance. But here is the thing. They aren’t stupid and are in fact incredibly savvy, especially when it comes to marketing.

While most of the industry is talking about Digital POS/Lending, Social, CRMs and other ???? that frankly they should have been figured out two years ago, Quicken has been learning from the players in other industries.

One thing that NOBODY is talking about is their micro-influencer strategy.

Now I am going to go out on a limb and say that most in the mortgage industry have no idea what a micro-influencer is and just went and googled it. Which is my point.

While the rest of the fragmented mortgage industry focuses on crap that only we care about Big Q is playing to win and win big with consumers. By the time everyone else gets it together the consumer might only think Big Q and Big Z are the only places to get a mortgage.

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