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Scary clown house sold; Realtors down; Economy falters 😰

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Real estate agent uses creepy dolls to market ‘horrendous and horrifying’ home in Louisiana

Well, Halloween is technically right around the corner, so why not get into the spirit of things?

A real estate agent in Louisiana has — successfully — marketed an abandoned house by playing up one of the eeriest aspects of the property: a pair of terrifying dolls left behind by a previous owner.

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The real estate agent is actually the current owner of the home, located in nearby Metairie. He bought it with the intentions of fixing it up and selling it, but Hurricane Ida threw a wrench into his plans.

“We were recovering from catastrophic damage,” said agent Tony Bertucci, whose properties took a hit during the hurricane. “So it kinda took precedence over a few of the renovation projects.”

Hoping to sell the home quickly, he figured he’d try to attract attention by digging out the disturbing dolls and placing them prominently in the listing photos.

Surprisingly, Bertucci said he was soon talking with potential buyers, some of whom questioned whether the house was haunted, or wanted to know more about the dolls.

“I just told them the dolls were my clients,” Bertucci joked. “I said they were selling because the house was much too big for them.”

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You know housing is getting bad when Realtors aren’t optimistic

Several studies are pointing to a housing slowdown. And, of course, we already knew things were cooling off, but here’s the rub: Even Realtors are feeling down on housing.

Yes, the ever-optimistic and opportunistic housing sales forces now say that the last time Americans were this turned off by the U.S. housing market, borrowing costs were over five times the current rate.

The share of people who think now is a good time to buy a home fell in September to 29%, extending the plunge from March when the proportion was more than twice as high, data from the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey showed Friday. It’s also the smallest chunk of respondents since 1982.

Back then, the average for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage topped 15%. That compares with today’s 2.86% rate, according to Freddie Mac.

The figures highlight how property price appreciation has rattled prospective buyers and more than offset the bright side of cheap borrowing. Prices have skyrocketed amid low inventory as Americans compete for space, with year-over-year gains on previously-owned, single-family homes exceeding 20% –surpassing the inflation-fueled increases seen in the late 1970s and early 80s, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The median selling price of such properties rose 18.6% in July from a year earlier to $367,000, a slight drop from the previous month. August figures due next week will show if fed-up homebuyers have helped extend the cool-off.

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ALTA predicts RON will be legal in all 50 states one day soon

Currently, RON is legal in 38 U.S. states.

However, the bipartisan Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic (SECURE) Notarization Act of 2021, H.R. 3962 could soon change that. 

In an interview with FOX, an ALTA spokesperson said he believes the bill to authorize all mortgage transactions to be completed using remote online notaries could pass as soon as this year, or into 2022. 

“There continues to be broad, bipartisan support in Congress for the SECURE Notarization Act, and we continue to educate policymakers, alongside a broad coalition of partners, about the importance of expanding access to remote online notarization nationwide with strong standards for its use by all consumers,” said Chris Morton, American Land Title Association (ALTA) senior vice president of public affairs. 

“We continue to seek all available opportunities to advance this legislation toward enactment in this Congress and are hopeful for its movement,” he said.

Current requirements for a signer to physically be in the presence of a notary are often impractical and sometimes impossible due to social distancing constraints resulting from COVID-19, as well as other barriers, including military service or work travel, Morton said.

However, advancements in digital mortgage technology, including electronic notarizations, have made it easier to manage mortgages and refinance options without ever having to leave your home. 

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