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Working Hard Isn’t Enough

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Having the hustle and working hard, consistently, is something we believe in deeply at Shred Media. It is what Shred stands for after all.

However, I am starting to see more battles with the “hustle” mentality on both sides.

On one side, you have those who believe that being successful and the best can ONLY happen with sacrificing sleep and working a certain amount of hours/days. And those that have distorted Gary Vaynerchuk‘s message into one of 24×7 hustle.

On the other side, you have those that think anyone who talks about working hard or putting in the hustle is stupid. Add to that the feeling that they are causing the downfall of work-life balance.

Since we are living in the era of perspective as opposed to truth, here is my view on the whole hustle debate.

I think it is incredibly important to work hard ONLY if it includes working smart. There is no need to work 20 hours a day if you are only getting 8 hours of value. Putting in the hours only matters if they are the right hours. You need to be smart.

There is nothing wrong about working hard or putting in a lot of hours if that truly makes you happy and helps you achieve your goals. Personally, that is how I'm built. I am not going to apologize for that. However, I am not going to demonize those that don't put in the same amount of hours as me because they are doing what works for them.

When I see people posting about the hustle, most of the time, I get inspired or motivated. The other times it looks like a big front, and a put down to those that aren't like them, especially when I know they are just playing to the trend. It is these other times where I can be empathetic to those that hate the hustle mentality. I am right there with you when I see these “hustle bros” post their bullshit.

But like with most things this debate isn't binary as there are plenty of successful people that did it their way. If working hard was the ONLY right path to success, we would see a hell of a lot more successful people out there. When it comes down to it, success is a combination of many things which includes working SMART. Be smart, do you, be consistent, and put in the work necessary to achieve your goals.

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